Thursday, May 11, 2006

silverjade on psychics and feelings

I have spent many years, my whole lifetime it seems, studying magic. There are those who scoff at me. They are the skeptics... Open your mind and I will take you on a journey of discovery, and magic will make a believer out of you in case you are not one already.

A lot of people do not realize how difficult the path of a psychic is. I am one of those who pick up on the feelings and emotions of my customers. I also pick up on health symptoms, more so when I see them face to face. Imagine trying to do a reading for someone with arthiritis, or a headache. It is downright painful.

At the moment I have 3 clients who suffers from either anxiety attacks or severe depression. I try very hard not to let it affect me , but at times it gets too much for me.

Now is such a time. T have to work really hard to rise above the emotions of my clients, not to drown in sensations that is not all mine but now becomes mine because of what I do.

It is like a dark sea trying to swallow you, and when you work against a dark adept, who is very angry because you put a spoke in their wheels, it is even harder. Evil does not like people doing good, doesnt like it;s victims to be helped.

I ask the angels to look after me and mine today.. so that I can swim instead of drown..