Saturday, October 06, 2007

Crystal Chakra packs

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Would a blanket give comfort in the apocalypse 2012?

I have this maroon jersey a friend of mine knitted in 2001. I remember the year because it was a year of its own apocalypse for me. The apocalypse has come and gone but the jersey stayed.

Either I shrank a lot or the jersey stretched, or both but it is now a blanket.

I can wrap myself and Clarise my granddaughter in it and still have a good bit spare for a small child.

I look at Larry Joseph's book on my coffee table near the front door and I wonder. Would a blanket give comfort in the apocalypse 2012?

Would it make the horror of adjustment easier when the visions of many come to pass? Is it truly a warning that we all have to adjust
to a higher spiritual vibration and stop raping this earth in order to prevent it or will the masses simply ignore all the millions of warning signs from psychic to scientist ..

UNTIL Apocalypse 2012 is here.. and then we shout to the heavens in disbelief , ignoring the fact that we, the human race are to blame for what is to come?