Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank you

It is time to write again.. I often keep my conversations with spirit and my guides to myself.

I want to express humble joy that I am a messenger, that I can play a part 
in helping people find the path, the answers, the sign they seeking, 
that I share the messages from Spirit world to loved ones , 
to see the essence of understanding, of growth, 
hurt change to healing, fear change to blind faith...

It isnt about me, yet it completes me. It isnt about ego or acknowledgement.

I am a wise old soul but I learn from a child. 

The messages I receive brings purpose to my own challenges, I am able 
to kick free of my personal pain and soar as a perfect copy of the Universe.

Every sound has new meaning in the silence of understanding.

My mind is active, yet instead of trying to control me, it 
allows me to express the thoughts I mostly suppress.

I embrace this new level of psychic understanding.

My body is at peace 

My thoughts, my mind are at peace. 

My emotions and my feelings are calm and tranquil. 

 I have body sensations, feelings, thoughts and emotions, but as a tiny
spark of the great Universal Being of Self. I am at peace and in tune with the
Rhythm of the Universe. 

Thank you.