Wednesday, April 09, 2014

my silver speck joins the glimmer of the night sky

I love the night…Pain often wakes me but it also wakes my mind, my spirit..
Often this is a time where insight is heightened, whether it be because of the phone not ringing or because I am in a different state of awareness because of the  cosy blanket of darkness.
There used to be a time, as a child where this would happen but it made me uncomfortable then. I was not emotionally ready for the path I chose, yet it send me on a trial run at a very early age.
Now I embrace these quiet times, as a psychic, recharging, needing my space to ponder life and the reasons around it before entering another day of advising people,listening, training or healing.
It is a time when I open my wish box for others, and quietly request the power from above for healing, wisdom, solving of problems, whether it is a big or small problem.
A time where my silver speck joins the glimmer of the night sky, linking with the elemental forces that makes life here on Earth such a unique experience..
I do like the middle road of balance in the night..even if it is  a lonely time.